an arts-centered hang space for all

We are a “third space” - a communal gathering space that’s not home (first space) or work (second space). We were born out of a need for community conversation, and we strive to be a neutral ground for drastically different sides of San Francisco to hang, talk, and understand one another. 
We're currently housed at 2051 Market Street. To make this happen, in true thirdspace fashion, some cool people came together from three of the most polarized groups in the city: the underground arts scene, real estate, and tech. Nestled in the old home of Eros, SF's treasured gay bathhouse and safe space for SF’s queer community, thirdspace is a place for everyone to come and be exactly who they are - no judgment, no strings attached.
We're hosting arts exhibitions, pop-ups, panels, community events, cross-cultural conversations, whatever you can dream up. We want to be a place for the community to grow from! Here’s to a more empathetic convergence of worlds.


Friday 9/30 Pop-Up:

BYOAS (Bring Your Own Art Supplies)

Artists selling work + DJ (Jada Michellle) + ice sculptures + tarot + an art hang-out room with a live model (Sterling Hawkins / Sondr) - so bring your art supplies!


Wednesday 10/5: ARTiculate #2 (Going Deeper) 6-9pm

Lisa Kalfus talks to us about how to form deeper connections with each other!

Thursday 10/6: Ahmet Ustunel - "Please Touch The Art" Opening Exhibition Event

(Exhibit up until 10/14)

"Hearing the phrase, 'Please, don't touch the art.' Again and again didn’t ruin my love for the art. However, the negative attitudes of the instructors at the studios I attended almost did. Some of them didn’t even think a blind person can create or appreciate art. I am totally blind since the age of 3. This is a totally accessible ceramic exhibit, where people sighted and blind can enjoy my work by touch and vision." - Ahmet

Friday 10/7: KayKay Exhibit

One day exhibit from KayKay!!

Saturday 10/8 Pop-Up:

BYOG (Bring Your Own Game)


Artists selling work + GF Filipino-inspired treats from Meryienda + tarot + games (board games, card games, maybe some video games?)

Friday 10/28 Pop-Up:

BYOC (Bring Your Own Costume)


Artists selling work + GF Filipino-inspired treats from Meryienda + tarot + live model (Sterling Hawkins / Sondr) + Halloween party!

Launch Exhibition (9/16 - 10/14)

Blane Asrat, Elaina Acosta Ford, Tamara Arzumanova, Shrey Purohit, Daniel Schrimshire, Christina Kent, Tyler Ford, Darnel Tasker, Emily Dreyfuss, Nikki Violanti, KayKay, Bria Goeller, and Michaela Guerrera exhibiting upstairs! No open hours to view art yet, but lots of events to see it!

Smiley: Poppy The Popper and MoGo Exhibition (9/22-10/14)

Poppers in the steamroom, anyone?

Nick Alvarez Photography Exhibition (9/27-??)

Photography by Nick Alvarez downstairs

Launch Exhibition Closing Event (10/14)

Kinda like the launch, but this time celebrating / takedown!

Art Pop-Ups every month on the last Friday (4-9pm) and second Saturday (12-6) 

Artists selling work plus programming and performance artists!

More workshops/community-led stuff!

Coming soon! Submit your ideas!

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thirdspace is being built by some fiercely excitable volunteers. If you want in on the action, let us know.

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These lovely people, plus a bunch more anonymous do-gooders, have also helped us along the way!


Antoine Sindhu is the beautiful soul that's letting us use 2051 Market Street for a while. He's also helped us with legal stuff, logistics, and other fancy things.

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